The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) represents approximately 725,000 members who work in a wide variety of fields, including utilities, construction, telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, railroads and government.  The IBEW has members in both the United States and Canada and stands out among the American unions in the AFL-CIO because it is among the largest and has members in so many skilled occupations.

The original organization of the Electrical Workers in Duluth Minnesota of the IBEW on November 21, 1881, know as Local #25, was composed of Utility Workers and Construction Inside Wiremen.  Later, on August 20, 1899 to become know as IBEW Local #31.

On April 1, 1976, Local Union #31 was divided.  Local #31 remaining as Utility Workers.  Construction Inside Wiremen becoming Local #242 with a new Charter.  Both are still in existence.

Local 242 has 536 members consisting of 430 Journeyman Inside Wireman, 56 Inside Wireman Apprentices, 32 Limited Energy Technicians 11 Television Technicians, and 7 in Manufacturing.